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In a country such as Sri Lanka, handicapped individuals abound.  Lacking sufficient facilities, some take to begging.  We have been able to help many we have found, with wheelchairs, medical assistance, food and friendship.  We spend a great deal of time in various facilities for the handicapped visiting and playing where we can. 

Anandapura is a small farm run by moderately retarded adults.  Our first visits was shortly after the tsunami. At that time we found double the residents staying there than normal because  their sister facility Prithipura was severely damaged and had sent their population to live at Anandapura temporarily.  We have always enjoyed talking and interacting with the residents.  Over the years we have helped Anandapura with wheelchairs, first aid kits, seizure medicine, fabric to make dresses and many other items to ease their burdens. 

Ozanam, is a facility in the east, designed to assist moderately-retarded adults in learning life skills.  The facility is run by Sisters of the Holy Family.  On a recent visit, we blew up balloons and played catch with the entire population for over an hour.  The Sisters are greatly overworked, so we are currently assisting them by paying $40 each month for a staff aide.

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