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As with most third world countries, Sri Lanka has thousands of orphans.  The tsunami and civil war have added greatly to the numbers.  While we work in many orphanages, one holds a special place in our hearts.  It is a small facility in Batticaloa housing 25 girls, many are orphans from the tsunami or war.  Their joy each time we arrive is boundless.  Every visit starts with at least one hour of playing.  The girls are well cared for, but lack the little things that mark childhood.  As such we often bring toys.  A 6th grade class at Kent Gardens Elementary School in Virginia ran their own stuffed animal drive.  The class did the work, we got the joy of handing them out!

Because the orphanage was makeshift, it did not have any playground facilities for the girls.  In 2007 we built a beautiful little playground with various pieces of equipment that they can call their own.

 We moved Priya, a young girl with three handicapped brothers, here.  She now leads a happy childhood, far from the duties previously on her shoulders

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