We are excited about a new concept we are beginning work on.  We are looking to obtain a small space and open "King Benjamin's House."  This will be a place where the numerous homeless, handicapped, beggars, and elderly who roam the streets everyday can come for a bit of relief.  Throughout the day they will be able to have a drink of water and a small meal.  In addition, toilet, bathing, and laundry facilities will be available.  There will also be a small room where they can rest for a while from the heat and commune with others.  The political consequences will be positive, so we are working to get the approval and support of the Municipal Council.  We are also working to obtain a Town owned location for free.  We will be requesting food from local bakeries and small restaurants as well as residents who traditionally take meals to beggars on family birthdays.  Local doctors will volunteer a small amount of time each month and provide basic care and counseling.  Disadvantaged individuals will be encouraged to work at the site and earn a bit of money.  

We anticipate opposition from the neighbors, but we are hopeful they will embrace our new plan.

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