• Liszt:: 3 Etude De Concert, S.144: No.3 Un Sospiro (Misha Dichter (Piano))5:10
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                                                                                      THE CHILDREN

Since the beginning, the well-being of the children has always been a high priority.  To that end, we bought countless games, toys, and balls for their entertainment.  We provided over 1,500 art pads and pastel boxes to allow the children to express their feelings though art.  Theresults were poignant and powerful.

With little to do all day, the children were thrilled to play games of all kinds, from Ring Around the Rosey to Indian Arm Wrestling.  From Duck, Duck, Goose to lining up for noogies.    Starting with our first day in the first refugee camp, right up until today, playing with the children is a high priority.

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