Lillian is an 18 year-old young woman with a heart of gold.  She loves helping those who are wanted the least.  That is why she worked at the Prithipura Home.  Their nursery is filled with severely and profoundly mentally handicapped babies who want only love and can give nothing back but a grateful spirit. Two of Lillian's friends, seeing her example, have subsequently gone.

Hyrum as a 15 year-old  went to Sri Lanka to provide service and perform his Eagle Scout project at the same time.  This is the second time we have brought such an ambitious Scout.  Hyrum re-built a dilapidated playground for the Ozanam Center,  a wonderful facility for higher functioning mentally handicapped. He raised the needed funds here in the U.S. and enlisted the help of local Scouts in Batticaloa.

Way to go guys!!!